Beverage collections not only for professionals


Distinctive design with refined style

Glassware collection inspired by an artistic avant-garde movement cubism and its architecture, characterized by sharp edges and clear geometry. Elegant curves and delicate lines copy sharp angles of the cups, whic h give the beverages a new dimension and a different world-view.


Light elegance with strong expression

Delicate vertical lines artfully model the shape curves and give them charming optical effect with a play full of permeating light. All this awakens in the collection extraordinary lightness and beauty, timeless nobleness with rich tradition and story. A wish to get inspired and experience the feeling of a unique moment.


For an extraordinary sommelier experience

Core represents the fundamental collection for every wine lover, who can then savor the best of each type of wine. Various cup shapes underline the variety of tastes and aromas, so that all characteristics of wine come forward. Only then will each tasting become an unforgettable sommelier experience.

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