Scented candle Cactus

Stir up your senses with a captivating scent

Combining the unique scent of handmade French wax with hand-blown candlesticks made of uranium and rosaline glass, creates a perfect original gift that will bring you joy at all times. Variations of colored glass decorated with a demanding cut called špajajn, carefully complement the selected scents, which will add a strong atmosphere and strong emotion to your interior.

Each candle is made of eco soy wax for its unique natural properties. The wax thus leaves no traces on the sides of the candle. Natural Egyptian cotton wicks ensure excellent burning and do not leave black fragments on the wax. The unique perfume is compiled according to your own designs in the famous perfumery in France.

Height 10 cm / Weight 1 kg
160 EUR

Variants: The candle in the glowing uranium glass is filled with natural wax with a strong scent of fresh ginger and lemon, bringing extraordinary energy and strong moments.

The rosalin glass candle is filled with natural wax with the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a subtle hint of elderberry. Lightness and relaxation above all.