Galaxy scented candles

Scented candles made of French wax with hand-blown candlesticks

Height: 10 cm | Width: 9,5 cm
Honey amber / Smoke-blue
Unique scent of handmade French wax with hand-blown and cut candlesticks made of lead-free bohemian crystal in color variations. More information ↓

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Galaxy scented candles – the perfect gift

Combining the unique fragrance of handmade French wax with hand-blown and cut candle holders made of unleaded bohemian crystal creates a perfect original gift that will bring you joy at any moment. Various variations of colored glass and cut motifs with carefully selected scents will add a distinctive atmosphere and strong emotion to your interior.

Unique natural properties of soy wax

Each candle is made of eco soy wax for its unique natural feature. The wax thus leaves no marks on the sides of the candle. Natural Egyptian cotton wicks ensure excellent burning and do not leave black chips on the wax. The unique perfume is made according to its own designs in the famous perfume in France.

Candle cover in two color variants

The outer shell of the candle is in amber glass color or smoke blue color layered with white opal. The surface is decorated with hand-cut star-shaped wedge-shaped cuts that show through to the lower color layers, complete with a gilded line of 24 carat gold.

Scented candel with gilded line and hand cut star decoration

118 EUR

Scented candle with gilded line and hand cut stars decoration

130 EUR

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